Hecchul Challenged Sohye To Play Starcraft On ‘Game Show’ But Ended up Losing

Hecchul Challenged Sohye To Play Starcraft On 'Game Show' But Ended up Losing

Hecchul Challenged Sohye To Play Starcraft On 'Game Show' But Ended up Losing

A new variety show from SBS named “Game Show” has begun. This show focuses on showing some celebrities playing game against each other. In the recent episode, Kim Heechul challenged former member of IOI Sohye to play game against him. On the new episode of “Game Show” aired on Apr. 21, Heechul challenged Sohye to play Starcraft. Actually it was the first time of Sohye to play this game. She was taught the basic of the game by Hong Jin Ho. Seeing that, Heechul suddenly wanted to have a battle with Sohye. It was actually not fair for him to challenge inexperienced gamer like Sohye. She has just learned the game in 30 minutes and Heechul wanted to play with her right away. Even though many other casts protested him, but Heechul insisted on playing.
After playing, Heechul attacked Sohye many times, making her lose the hope for winning. But suddenly, Heechul’s internet server wasn’t connected and he lost the game. At the end, Sohye was happy about the result, Soompi  reported. It was unfortunate for Heechul but he admitted that he lost for the fairness of the game. Sohye has been stepping up her popularity since IOI. She has caught the attention of many viewers with her skill in acting. After the disbandment of IOI, Sohye built her own agency and did many projects in hosting, acting, and many more, Koreaboo  reported. Her appearance on TV is really good because she can speak really well when she is the MC or host of certain program. Thus, she can have a good communication with other casts of the show. For this SBS’s new program, Sohye has been doing really well. Even though she is new in game, but her skill can make her win sometimes. For Heechul, after losing the game, maybe he can learn to check his internet connection before challenging someone for a battle. Read Next: Hong Hyun Hee’s Blackface Comedy Controversy: SBS Apologizes In Answer Of Critiques From International Viewers

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