Hayden Panettiere Concentrates On Movie Career, Not On Wladimir Klitschko Wedding: ‘Nashville’ Star To Star Alongside Viola Davis, Sets Example For Baby Girl Kaya

Hayden Panettiere Concentrates On Movie Career
Hayden Panettiere Concentrates On Movie Career

Hayden Panettiere may be switching her priorities from her baby girl Kaya on her movie career.

The fact that ‘Nashville’ star will star alongside Viola Davis means that she probably isn’t thinking about her delayed wedding to Wladimir Klitschko.

Seeing how Wladimir Klitschko has been so supportive of her since the baby delivery, Hayden Panettiere probably has faith in her relationship.

According to Variety, “Hayden Panettiere and Ellen Burstyn have joined Viola Davis and Catalina Sandino Moreno in James Lapine’s courtroom drama “Custody.” Tony Shalhoub, Raul Esparza and Dan Fogler have also been cast.

“Custody” will begin shooting this week in New York City.” Now that ‘Nashville’ star has her focus on movie career, the fans are wondering if this means that Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko has a second baby in mind.

In an interview cited by E! Online, ‘Nashville’ star admitted that she feels differently towards her to-be husband when she watches him fight.

She said: “When you watched him before, and watching him now after you’ve had a baby, is it different?” Michael asked.

Hayden replied, “It is.

You have much more of a connection, you know? When you’re with somebody, I feel like it’s great when you have your own life, they have their own life, and you meet gracefully in between.” But Hayden Panettiere may not want to go straight into her second pregnancy after having her baby girl Kaya.

The fact that ‘Nashville’ star and Wladimir Klitschko may be thinking about giving a sibling to their baby girl means that another pregnancy may not be too far away for Hayden Panettiere.

The fans are hoping that wedding may precede the second baby for ‘Nashville’ actress.

But despite the fact that “Nashville” star had a hard time coping with the fact that she was pregnant, it looks like they are more than eager to give their baby girl Kaya Evdokia Klitschko a sibling.

According to Ok! Magazine, “ It’s been barely four months since Hayden Panettiere and fiance Wladimir Klitschko became parents to daughter Kaya, but the duo is already starting to talk about baby number two!” This may mean that Hayden Panettiere may have to fold her wedding dreams.

The rumors are that Wladimir Klitschko and ‘Nashville’ star are less and less likely to secure the wedding date after the birth of their baby girl Kaya Evdokia Wladimir Klitschko.

According Entertainment Tonight, Wladimir Klitschko thinks that wedding is not a necessary part of his relationship with ‘Nashville’ star.

He said: “I think [having] children is something that connects you until the end of your days no matter what… but as I said, the connection with the child is better than any marriage!” Do you think Hayden Panettiere is getting anxious about the wedding being pushed back? Let me know in the comments below!

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