‘Harry Potter’ Hogwarts Holiday Dinner At The Great Hall Is A Potterhead’s Dream

'Harry Potter' Hogwarts Holiday Dinner At The Great Hall Is A Potterhead's Dream

'Harry Potter' Hogwarts Holiday Dinner At The Great Hall Is A Potterhead's Dream

Harry Potter’s Hogwarts holiday experience is something that Potterheads around the world will be dying to experience.
Years after J.K. Rowling’s books became a worldwide sensation and the films were made to bring her stories to life, the fans are still as passionate about the magical world of Harry Potter.

However, Potterheads are still able to go back into their fantasy by the only means they can. This would mean re-reading the books, re-watching the movies and even going on Pottermore to have a more hands-on experience.
Hardcore Potterheads may get the opportunity to dine just like the characters in the books for a Christmas feast in the Great Hall for one night only. Harry Potter’s Hogwarts holiday event was just added on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Calendar.
The magical event will take place from 6 p.m to midnight on Dec. 3, 2015. While it the Harry Potter Holiday experience will only last a few hours, it is still one of those things Potterheads would be ecstatic to cross off their bucket lists. Apart from the immersive experience in the actual set used for filming the “Harry Potter” films, fans will also get a hearty two-course meal as well.
Unfortunately, all those who are interested in attending the Harry Potter Hogwarts Holiday event will have to pay around $350. The price may sound steep but there are a lot of other things included such as Butterbeer, a character wand, dessert, drinks, appetizers and dinner and an entrance to the Studio Tour, as reported on Mashable.
All those interested in buying tickets to this once in a lifetime event can do so by booking their tickets in advance on the Warner Bros. Official Website.

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