Hara, Sulli Kissing On The Lips, Celebrating Sulli’s Birthday; Netizens React


Hara, Sulli Kissing On The Lips, Celebrating Sulli's Birthday; Netizens React

Hara and Sulli are known to have some haters on their social media. Their controversial pictures sometimes invite negative comments from their followers. Recently, they uploaded their kiss on the lips and netizens had mixed reactions. Hara and Sulli are best friends. On Sulli’s birthday, Hara came to congratulate her and the two had fun together. Having a close relationship, they kissed on the lips. In another picture, the girls were posing cute showing V sign with their fingers. Some netizens gave positive comments, saying that they were cute. But, some others thought that the girls were insane and they had different sexual orientation, AllKpop  reported.
It’s not really welcomed in South Korea for girls to kiss on the lips. People might think that Hara and Sulli would get many harsh comments. But surprisingly, netizens gave mixed reactions to their kiss on the lips. Some netizens left comments saying that they were best friends indeed. They also said that there was nothing wrong with their gesture. It seems that some netizens are more open-minded than others. After KARA’s disbandment, Hara has been busy with her solo activities. Mostly, she did a photo shoot for several magazines. After signing a contract with KeyEast Entertainment, Hara planned to pursue her acting instead of her singing career, Soompi  reported. She once got an offer as the main lead in the drama “Babysitter” but she decided to not take the role, reported Soompi . It seems that her fans need to wait longer to see her acting. Sulli, on the other hand, has been a popular member in her former group f(x). As she left the group, she has gone with her solo activities. But Sulli has been more popular with her relationship with Choiza. Her breakup also left many comments from their fans. Sulli often posted pictures that show her to braless. Thus, she got many negative comments on her social media. It was not a surprise that netizens gave different reactions towards Hara and Sulli kissing. They are just best friends and many consider it as not a big deal.  

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