Hannibal Season 3 Release Date, Cast, News, Premiere, And Spoilers: ‘The X-File’ Gillian Anderson To Become A Series Regular [PHOTO]

“Hannibal” is one of the highest rated and most intense dramas on tv right now.

After a shocking season 3 finale fans are exited for season 3, here is what to expect.

The unofficial word is that the show will return in late spring of next year.

Other news is that Gillian Anderson will be a series regular.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies , Mikkelsen was asked how much longer he will continue with the show.

“Well I imagine to do it as long as it’s worthwhile.

I’m sure that Bryan will make it worthwhile.

If he all of a sudden says, “That’s it.

I don’t think there’s any more in the story,” then we will stop.

But I trust that Bryan will keep coming up with things that make it worthwhile.

He has so far, and I can’t see why that should be different in the coming years,” Mikkelsen said.

In a recent interview with  Yahoo! TV  how showrunner  Bryan Fuller  planned to deal with the distance between Hannibal and Will – whose relationship is arguably the biggest draw of the series – he explained: “Well it depends on how Bryan will work this.

Those flashbacks will make it very easy for us to be in scenes together again, but we also have the whole universe…

the way Will Graham’s mind is working leaves us an opportunity for Hannibal to play a role inside his mind somehow.

So I’m sure we’re going to use some of that as well.” The Franchise Herald  summarizes season 3 saying, ” Dr.

Hannibal Lecter and Dr.

Bedelia Du Maurier are couples wandering around Europe,  this is one major Hannibal Season 3 update given to Fannibals over the past months.

Hannibal, played by Mads Mikkelsen, felt he was betrayed by Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).

So cannibal doctor tried to kill his ‘fake’ friend, as well as Agent Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) and his girlfriend Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas).

But he still has Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) the one and only woman who understands him.

She even accompanies her in his escape to Europe.”   Bryan Fuller has promised , that Hannibal’s backstory will be explored in season 3, but it won’t be done through flashbacks, instead it will have to confront his past when he meets a new character.

Madds Milkenson did an interview with  yahoo blogs  and had the following to say, “You know more than me, apparently.

I’m sure that he will work with a certain amount of flashbacks but we cannot, obviously, fill up a whole show with that, so there will be a lot happening somewhere in Europe, on the run in the present time as well.

The thing is, Bryan’s got a lot of doors open, always.

So nothing is a definite, if something happens.

I think we were all afraid that she wouldn’t come back because we just love working with her and she’s such a tremendous actress, but I had a hunch she would come back somehow.  I don’t think that the word “trust” is a word that Hannibal uses a lot.

I don’t think he can trust anyone.

I don’t think anyone can trust him.

I don’t think it’s a word that he fancies either – he doesn’t mind not trusting people.

What he believes is interesting is what the next day will bring.

What will this relationship bring? Any new day is an opportunity, and if she betrays him somehow that will be interesting as well.  It’s hard to say.

[Laughs.] I would rephrase the question: Does Will Graham call Hannibal a friend? [Laughs.] It’s a brutal thing that happened, obviously, in Season 2, in the end, but at least it’s the closest he’s ever been to having a friend.  Well I’m still waiting to get some scripts, and everything can change, but romantic is a big word when we’re dealing with Hannibal.

I believe that anything that he finds interesting becomes romantic in a way – whether it’s a nice glass of wine or a piece of music or somebody he finds interesting.

It could be Jack Crawford as well.

There’s a certain romance there as well, at least with his wife.

Romance plays a big part in Hannibal’s life.

He always lifts everything up to something worthwhile.

He doesn’t want it to be nothing – he wants it to be special.” Again “Hannibal” season 3 will premiere in the late spring, check back for more information as it becomes available.


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