HALO, Surprise ‘School Attack’ With Their Performance


Boy group HALO made a surprise attack at two high schools in honor of their comeback.

On November 20, HALO made surprise visits to Hamyeol Girls High School and Junju Jeil High School.

The surprise attacks were conducted under the title ‘HALO’s School Attack.’ HALO has been receiving requests for this event saying, “HALO will go to your school for the students studying hard,” trying to give fan service to those who have been studying hard for the Korean standarized test.

HALO performed their first single album’s title song “FEVER” and their second single album’s title song “Come On Now” and gave out their albums with autographs, heating up the schools.

There were worries of accidents occuring upon the surprise visit of HALO, but they delayed the concert hour for the safety of the students, successfully and safely finishing their concerts.

HALO members stated, “We were so shocked by the big cheers we received.

We enjoyed it so much we didn’t even feel the time passing by.” HALO released their second single album Hello HALO  on November 20.

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