Halle Berry Not Going Back As Storm In X-Men Apocalypse; More Movie Spoilers Revealed

Since the release of the X-Men: Days of the Future Past months ago, X-men fans cannot help but ask questions anticipating the coming of X-Men: The Apocalypse said to be released on 2016.

One of the movie spoilers stated is that Halle Berry as Storm will not be included in the upcoming X-Men together with other first generation superheroes-Jean Grey and Cyclops, reports on Yahoo UK said on Friday.

In an interview with ‘X-Men’ writer and producer Simon Kinberg, he revealed that the decision comes from the idea that the ‘Apocalypse’ will start on the time when X-men have not yet discovered their talents yet in 1983.

“If we included some of the original X-Men, like Storm, Jean, Scott and others in ‘Apocalypse’, yeah we would have to recast them because ‘Apocalypse’ takes place a good 20 years before ‘X1’which now insanely is 10-15 years ago.

It would be very hard to do.,” he told Yahoo.

Further, he acknowledge the superb performance of Halle Berry in her acting as Storm yet, the next X-Men script, said to be currently made, cannot accommodate the stories of other characters if there is a recast on Storm.

Still, Kinberg left a hanging answer and implied that the decision might be changed.

“It would be a tall task, but I also would’ve said before ‘First Class’ that there was no way we’d find actors to stand alongside Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, and we did with Michael [Fassbender] and James [McAvoy].

Are we going to have to recast? If some of characters are in the movie, we would.

But we shall wait and see.” Meanwhile, Apocalypse is said to be the last of the X-men trilogy that is expected to be a bombshell in all previous X-men movies.

The movie director and producer also hinted that other character like Cable, Scarlet Witch and Psylocke with Profesor X’s (James Marden in the DOFP) and Night Crawler’s guaranteed appearance.

Wolverine, meanwhile, will still be there and will get his adamantium claws.

He also announced that Kitty Pryde and Bishop will surely not be seen in the last X-men movie.

Plot twists are also revealed in the interview saying that Magneto could be Quicksilver’s long lost dad.

Mystique’s earlier life story in her 20s could also be given attention with her giving birth to Nightcrawler.

Kinberg also suggested an order to fully appreciate the X-Men movies.

The movies are arranged in the following chronological order: – 1) X-Men: First Class, 2) The past part of DOFP, 3) X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 4) X-Men: X2, 5) X-Men: The Last Stand, 6) The Wolverine 7) The future part of Days of Future Past    

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