Haha, “I Used To Live Like a Crazy Person After My Break-Up”


Singer HaHa revealed his feelings about the break-up with his recent ex-girlfriend.

On July 30, HaHa talked about the hardship he faced after his breakup during the showcase for his mini album YA MAN!! , held in Seoul.

On this day, HaHa said “I’m 34 right now but I’m still living the life of Haroro.

I’m a pervert and I’m at the age to do many perverted things.

After my break-up, I lived like a crazy person.

But there was a crazier person than me, and that’s Skull .” HaHa’s song “Hennessy 19” was written by Skull, and it’s about a man who meets many girls after breaking up with his girlfriend, but realizes there’s only one girl for him.

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