H1Z1 For PS4 And PC Expected To Get Release Date On E3 2015? Zombie Game Delayed For This Year

H1Z1 PS4 release date has been reportedly delayed after previously scheduled for a release before the year ends for Windows PC and the PS4.

The announcement was made for the game to come out was last April.

After efforts of having the game exclusive for PC, creators from Sony Online Entertainment then added a PS4 version, which believed to be the main cause of the delay of the release date.

Devs are said to be currently working on the PlayStation version for now and is said to be expected to be out early 2015.

“Though Sony Online Entertainment has stated multiple times already that they were planning on bringing it to the PlayStation 4.

Today, the studio confirmed that that will indeed be the case,” Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley claimed.

“We’re SONY Online, so we have a certain level of quality we like to achieve before putting a game out.

And the fact is it doesn’t go out until we are happy with it,” Smedley explained.

H1Z1 for PS4 and PC, however, is expected to be “ground breaking” as devs try to change the way gamers would experience the game with this MMO zombie survival game garnished with the latest technology and graphics.

Game designer Kris Roberts claimed in their Facebook page how the design and texturing of every detail came upon to make the game worth playing.

“The artists create the visual geometry, textures, particle effects and animations that comprise what you see as vehicles.

The programmers build the systems that support the vehicle simulation, physics, and player interactions,” Roberts says .

“I get to tune the parameters for how it behaves for the player in the game, including all the stuff for the motor, chassis, suspension, wheels, and tires, as well as the camera and, player controller input – all of which come together to establish how the vehicle behaves and “feels” to the player,” he continues.

Rumors say that H1Z1 PS4 And PC Release Date will drop when E3 2015 arrives but for now, it will still be up for Sony.

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