Gummy Becomes Latest K-Pop Artist To Release ’90s Throwback Song

Gummy Becomes Latest K-Pop Artist To Release '90s Throwback Song
Gummy Becomes Latest K-Pop Artist To Release '90s Throwback Song

Pop songstress Gummy had more than just her birthday to celebrate this April–the artist has also made a comeback! The April 17th release is her second under C-Jes Entertainment since her departure from YG Entertainment in 2013.

Tweets from 1theK and the Periscope app went out moments before the release of RUN TO YOU .

The singer chose to live stream releases from her album, including “I’m Sorry,” “The Only Thing I Can’t Do,” and “We Should’ve Been Friends.” At noon KST, Gummy released her video for “The Only Thing I Can’t Do,” following a woman whose relationship just ended.

This recent release joins a growing list of artists who are embracing the musical style of the 1990s.

The trend seemed to pick up momentum with VIXX when they released their latest mini-album, Boys Record .

The six-member boy band made a comeback this past February with the lead song “Love Equation,” a remake of “Farewell Formula” by R.ef .

Prior to Gummy’s release, girl group Tren-D was scheduled for a comeback with a ’90s remake of “Affection,” originally recorded by Young Turks Club .

Prior to today’s release, C-Jes Entertainment shared with the press on April 3rd that, “the album will remake male vocalist songs.” “This will be Gummy’s first remake album since her debut, and we ask for a lot of interest,” the C-Jes rep said.

A representative from the company went on to say that the songstress had “received a lot of favorable comments from singing other artists’ songs in her solo concerts and in ‘Immortal Song 2’.” “She’s able to capture the charm of the original song and mix it with a new, trendy genre,” explained the rep.

“You can anticipate a lot of surprising songs.” Anticipation by her fans was certainly high, as her last appearance on the airwaves was with for an OST with Kim Junsu (XIA) of JYJ for the action drama  SPY  in October 2014.

Lucky fans in South Korea were treated today to a live performance by Gummy for her comeback.

1theK praised her efforts online with a tweet that said, “What a lovely performance.

it was her first live busking for this comeback.

Thank you!”  Gummy will have a solo concert at Ewha Woman’s University on May 1st and 2nd. 

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