‘Guitar Hero Live’ Song List Revealed; Activision Reveals New GHTV Online Feature

‘Guitar Hero Live’ Song List Revealed; Activision Reveals New GHTV Online Feature
‘Guitar Hero Live’ Song List Revealed; Activision Reveals New GHTV Online Feature

Coming back from the dead just in time for “Rock Band 4’s” arrival, “Guitar Hero Live” is also expected to make a comeback 10 years after its last release.

In a recent report by Rolling Stone , the official song list for the newest Activision game “Guitar Hero Live” has been revealed.

Hit songs from artists like Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, The Killers, The Black Keys and My Chemical Romance, among others are expected to be played on the upcoming play-along title.

In an interview made by the magazine with the creative director and studio head of FreeStyle Jamie Jackson, he revealed that even though the game was initially known to give a bow to music legends, newer acts like The Lumineers and even Skrillex is expected to be heard from the music simulating title.

“This is something we gave a load of thought to,” Jackson said.

“Guitar Hero – by its name alone – has always been associated with classic rock tracks.

And we know fans really love that type of music.

So we wanted to make sure those fans weren’t disappointed.” In addition to that, the studio is set to have a broader range in song lists for “Guitar Hero Live” and is expected to be the most diverse list so far.

“But it’s been 10 years since the first Guitar Hero game came out,” he continued.

“When you think of it like that, and think about how much the musical landscape has changed since then – that’s where we’ve been able to explore some new types of musical style as well.

Guitar music is broader than it’s ever been – so we’re reflecting that in the range of music on offer.” Full song list is listed in the same link posted above.

Meanwhile, “Guitar Hero Live” is expected to give gamers a different perception of gaming by introducing the GHTV mode, which could give the definition of interaction to a new level.

“The great thing about GHTV mode, which is the world’s first playable music video network, is it gives us even more scope to broaden the songs on offer,” Jackson added.

“There are going to be Rock channels, so if that’s your bag you can spend hours competing with people to your favorite tracks.

But if you fancy mixing it up, or want to play something else than you can just flick channels and find something else to play.” Release date for “Guitar Hero Live” is expected this fall and will reportedly be available for all gaming consoles.

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