GTA 6 NEWS: Vice City Release Date Location Change? PS4 Trailer Rumors & More [UPDATE]

Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors are bouncing between having Vice City or Texas as a location for the upcoming game, leaving many gamers wondering if Rockstar Games is in the middle of a location change.

Most information surrounding the game’s release date, however, points to Vice City as the likely contender.

GTA 6 allegedly had behind-closed-doors release date announcement at E3 2014, The Fuse Joplin reports.

The site also mentions the game is likely to be scheduled for a 2017 release date.

Although most rumors also suggest a release date for the same year, Rockstar Games has not mentioned any specific information about the title.  A Wikipedia page listing characters of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mentions that Mercedes Cortez, Colonel Cortez’s daughter, was intended by game developers to include a deeper relationship with the game’s protagonist Tommy Vercetti.

“She is initially set up as a possible love interest for Tommy Vercetti, but this plot line is never fully explored,” the website page reads.

“Hidden and unused phone conversation between Tommy and Mercedes revealed that there were originally intentions by the game developer to include a deeper relationship between the two characters.

Audio files of Mercedes’ phone calls usually have to deal with the fact that she wants to ‘spend some time alone with Tommy’ when she is mad, happy or bored.” Could Mercedes Cortez be the female character rumors are suggesting will lead the Vice City-themed GTA 6 game? GTA series writer Dan Houser recently addressed rumors surrounding female characters for the upcoming GTA 6 release date.

“In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course, we just haven’t found the right game for it yet, but it’s one of the things that we always think about,” he said, according to BREATHEcast.

GTA 6’s release date version may include added multiplayer features.

“Doing a cops n’ robbers multiplayer that put you and your friends in control of everything from basic squad cars to helicopters and spike strips would be the perfect way to tackle another clan of gamers who are tearing across the city to finish a hit or deliver a package, and being the systems are already in place for this to be a reality, surely it’ll be done justice in GTA VI,” What Culture writes.

Rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6’s 2017 release date scheduled for June 2017 are untrue, several gaming sites are reporting.


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