Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: New Love Interests, Ben To Return, Wedding Bells, And 200th Episode Will Be…Funny?

“Grey’s Anatomy” is nearing its momentous 200th episode, and more spoilers regarding season 10 have surfaced about a wedding, new love interests, and more.

According to EW, Jessica Capshaw says despite the devastating circumstances Arizona and Callie, the 200th episode will actually be funny.

Reportedly, the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10 special episode will center around a fundraising gala, and while the doctors play dress-up, the interns will have to run the ER.

“The storyline actually takes an interesting and unexpected turn in the 200th episode for Arizona, and I think it’s going to be funny,” says Capshaw.

“I think we really wanted to play the joy of the medicine and the joy of our character’s journeys.

“And really, it’s the first episode that Meredith Grey has really come back to work [after giving birth].

So we wanted to play some of the joy of that as well.

There are some interesting combinations of people who are going to start to get together and get a little closer and it’s a really, really different kind of party.

You haven’t seen a party like this before.” Does this mean some new doctorly pairings will occur in “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10? According to TV Guide, “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes says that perhaps Cristina, Owen, Callie, or Arizona will indeed get new love interests during their times of struggle.

“Perhaps, yes…

 I totally understand that because I freaked out a little bit too, but I think it’s going to be good,” replies Rhimes regarding fans potentially freaking out should this occur.

In addition, it seems Bailey’s husband Ben (Jason George) will return to “Grey’s Anatomy” in season 10.

“It’s always good news for Bailey and Ben when Ben makes it up to Seattle, but it’s a long distance relationship and that wears and tears on everybody,” says George.

“Nobody is acting like themselves.” And finally, it seems a wedding is in the near future on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and right now it seems like it will be April and Matthew.

However, fans are also theorizing that it could be Alex and Jo, given their obvious chemistry.


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