Gracie Gold Planning To Take The Triple Axel Off The Harness [VIDEO]

Gracie Gold Planning To Take The Triple Axel Off The Harness [VIDEO]
Gracie Gold Planning To Take The Triple Axel Off The Harness [VIDEO]

After falling just short of the medal podium at the 2015 World Figure Skating Championships, Gracie Gold wants to incorporate new jumps into her technical arsenal, and it does not involve a second triple-triple.

While speaking to Icenetwork ‘s Sarah Brannen, Gracie Gold discussed her plans to begin training the triple axel and quad salchow in order to stay competitive with her competitors—particularly Russia’s Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, who became world champion after completing the axel at this year’s championships.

“In two weeks, Frank and I are going to start working on triple axel and quad [salchow],” said Gold, who’s known for her triple lutz-triple toe combination.

“I can do [the] triple axel in the pole harness pretty well , but as soon as I get out, I freeze—I don’t even try it.

When you get to that 70 percent (success rate), you start to fall a lot harder.

In the season, nobody wants to eat it and then have to do programs on the next session.” Without the triple axel or the quad jump, many of the top ladies competitors are incorporating two triple-triple jump combinations in the free skate, including fellow countrywoman Ashley Wagner and this year’s bronze medalist, Elena Radionova.

“Right now, unless we add in a second triple-triple, I’m kind of reaching the technical limit, and that means we really have to enhance the artistic component,” said the 19-year-old to the St.

Paul Pioneer-Press  last April.

Gracie will next be seen competing at the World Team Trophy event this month.

She will represent Team USA in the team competition alongside Wagner, Max Aaron, Jason Brown, pairs skaters Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim, and ice dancers Madison Chock and Evan Bates.

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