Gotham Season 2 Finale: ‘Not Everyone Lives’ Says Ben McKenzie As New Villain, ‘The Ogre,’ Set To Be Introduced!

Actor Ben McKenzie has revealed that there will be several deaths in the upcoming “Gotham” season 2 finale.

The actor, who plays good cop Jim Gordon has described the ending as quite crazy.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , the actor revealed some Gotham season 2 finale spoilers.  “The finale is just absolutely bananas, and I couldn’t even really begin to describe all the crazy things that happen in it,” the actor said, describing the episode that will reportedly trigger Gotham’s descent into the corrupt city that Batman fans know.

The “Gotham” season 2 finale will also bring the city closer towards the “downward spiral” that would eventually lead to the “ultimate anarchy” in the city.

This is the “Gotham” where Bruce Wayne will need to become the Batman in order to combat the “masked vigilantes roaming the streets.” Moreover, the actor suggested that there will be quite a number of deaths to be expected in Gotham’s season 2 finale.

“Not everybody lives, and the people who do live don’t necessarily end up mentally all there,” McKenzie shared.

“There’s a price to be paid.

It’s really crazy.” It will be recalled that the whole of season 2 has been quite a rollercoaster ride for his character, Jim Gordon.

Being the only good cop in the whole squad, Gordon was able to uncover all sorts of corruption internally and externally in the Gotham City Police Department.

He was also accused of murder, and even lost his and regained his job.

As for what will happen to the character of Fish Mooney, because actress Jada Pinkett Smith has confirmed that she is leaving the show, McKenzie’s lips are sealed.

What’s for sure is that his character will have to face the threat of a new villain, the Ogre played by Milo Ventimiglia.

“We’re introducing the Ogre, a serial killer who’s searching for his perfect mate,” McKenzie revealed.

“He has very exacting standards that have not been met.” “The reason the Ogre remains free is that any cop that comes after him pays a personal price because someone they love is killed, or tortured  and  killed,” he shared.

Catch the season finale of “Gotham” as it airs on Fox on Monday.

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