GOT7’s Maknae Yugyeom Dropped A Second Song ‘You Know’ On Soundcloud

GOT7's Maknae Yugyeom Dropped A Second Song 'You Know' On Soundcloud

GOT7's Maknae Yugyeom Dropped A Second Song 'You Know' On Soundcloud

GOT7’s Yugyeom has been really working hard lately. The maknae of GOT7 just dropped a new song “You Know” on Soundcloud. Many ahgases love the song very much for its R&B soul style. GOT’s Yugyeom previously has surprised ahgases by dropping a track “The Way You Are.” He dropped it on Mar. 3 on Soundcloud and it was produced by Effn, AllKpop  reported. Yugyeom’s choice in music genre has been known by his fans since he often talks about his love for Chris Brown. Even other members often tease him by calling him a brownie.
For this song “You Know, Yugyeom still goes with R&B soul style. The song is still produced by Effn and he dropped it on Soundcloud on May 4, AllKpop  reported. Many ahgases gave comments saying that his voice was really sexy in the song. Yugyeom is the youngest member of GOT7 who is more known for his dance. He once won the first place on “Hit the Stage” with his swag dance, Officiallykmusic  reported. Among GOT7 members, he is known as the lead dancer. He has been practicing dancing since he was young. Among GOT7 members, Yugyeom is known for his hard working. He often practiced freestyle dancing and posted it oh his Instagram. The two singles so far with “The Way You Are” and “You Know” have surprised many ahgases. His sexy voice can be heard clearly in the song. Meanwhile, GOT7 just finished their promotion with “Never Ever.” The boys got four wins with the song composed by JYP. Their fourth win was when they performed on M!Countdown, Soompi  reported. Since their debut with “Girls Girls Girls” in 2014, GOT7 have gone far in terms of success. They have won many awards and their albums were sold well. After their last comeback with “Flight Log: Arrival,” there has been no news about their comeback again. Ahgases keep on rooting for the group and especially for the maknae Yugyeom with his new song. Read Next: BTS Members Showed Great Skill Playing Bowling On ‘Naver V’

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