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GOT7’s Jinyoung Finally Revealed Why He Chose Back His Real Name Instead Of His Past Stage Name

GOT7's Jinyoung Finally Revealed Why He Chose Back His Real Name Instead Of His Past Stage Name

GOT7’s Junior has been known to have a great voice and nice acting skill. Along with other members, GOT7 has got their fame step by step. For Jinyoung, he has starred in several dramas and recently starred in a movie to presence his acting. Recently, he explained why he wanted to have his real name as his stage name. Previously, Jinyoung chose Junior as his stage name as there were two names of Park Jinyoung in the same company. Having stage name Junior, he then decided to go back to his real name Park Jinyoung as his stage name. During fan meeting, Jinyoung often reminded fans to call him by his real name instead of Junior.
As reported by Soompi , Jinyoung finally revealed his reason to have his real name back again for the stage name. He stated on KBS Radio’s “Park Ji Yoon’s Gayo Plaza” broadcasted on March 16 that he switched his name back from Junior to Jinyoung months ago after talking with his family. He said he wanted to know how he had grown with his name changed. During the program, the members also gave updates about Jackson’s condition. They said that he got better already. For Jinyoung’s fans, many have already noticed the change of his name and thus they got to know more about his reason through this Radio Show. Recently, Jinyoung just finished shooting for film “Nunbal.” Being the lead in a movie for the first time, all GOT7 members supported him by watching his movie to the cinema together. In the “Park Ji Yoon’s Gayo Plaza,” the members said that the movie was interesting. Yugyeom, as the magnate of the group who was in charge of promoting said to give much love to “Nunbal” and “Never Ever.” GOT7 has just released their new MV “Never Ever.” Having the last mini album from the trilogy Flight Log, many ahgases showed their support and the MV broke the previous record for the number of views. Much more surprising, the new song topped iTunes charts in some countries, reported by Koreaportal . With the great response for their new album, GOT7 expects good days ahead this year. Also, for Jinyoung, ahgases wish him to have a better career in singing and acting with his real name. Read Next: SM’s Executive Producer, Lee Soo Man, Will Hold SM Audition In Indonesia To Choose New Member For NCT