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GOT7 and Brave Girls’ Songs Failed KBS Evaluation: Network Declares Lyrics Unfit for Broadcast!

GOT7 and Brave Girls' Songs Failed KBS Evaluation: Network Declares Lyrics Unfit for Broadcast!

GOT7 and Brave Girls songs reportedly have failed to pass KBS’s   song evaluations. Accordingly, there are about 210 songs that were up for review, 15 songs of which are deemed purportedly unfit to broadcast. Based on the reports, it seems that KBS has already announced their decisions on the submitted songs of Brave Girls and GOT7. According to Soompi , “Shopping Mall”, a track from GOT7’s upcoming “Flight Log: Arrival” album, has been considered as unfit for broadcast. KBS reportedly reasoned that the lyrics of the song make reference to specific brands. The broadcaster also said that the song seemingly denotes a specific mall outlet.
Reportedly, Brave Girls’ new song “Don’t Rush,” which was previously decreed as unfit for broadcast, failed to pass the Mar. 8 KBS review once again. The girls’ title song “Rollin” was also previously been considered unfit for broadcast. However, after editing the lyrics of the song, it was sent in for reconsideration. The song was apparently able to pass the second evaluation. The Korean Broadcasting System or KBS, according to Wikipedia ,  is South Korea’s national public broadcaster founded in 1927. It operates radio, television and online services, being one of the biggest South Korean television networks.   KBS World is the international television and radio service of KBS. It carries programs ranging from news, sports, television dramas, entertainment, and children’s shows world. Got7 is a boy group formed by JYP Entertainment. The group is composed of seven members and debuted in January 2014 with the release of their first EP “Got It?”   The EP   peaked at number two on the Gaon Album Chart and number one on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. The group gained attention and became known for their martial arts tricking style. Brave Girls, on the other hand   is a girl group formed by producer Brave Brothers of Brave Entertainment in 2011. The band debuted with the single album “The Difference.” The songs “Do You Know” and “So Sexy” were accordingly their promotional singles for the album.