Gorillaz New Album On Its Way After 2D, Murdoc, Russell And Noodle Have Been Revealed On Instagram

Gorillaz New Album On Its Way After 2D
Gorillaz New Album On Its Way After 2D

Great news for fans of the animated band Gorillaz, as creators of the band 2D, Murdoc, Russell and Noodle have introduced the 2015 version of the jolly group in the music scene.

In the Instagram  account of the illustrator Jamie Hewlett, he once again introduced the band to the scene as a new album is expected from them soon.

In a Billboard  report, Blur frontman Damon Albarn, who is also the man behind Gorillaz, is thinking about creating a new record for the band in the near future.

However, he revealed that they are taking their time before moving on with a new Gorillaz album, as they are busy with their own projects including the tour of Blur this year.

“I would imagine there’s some kind of future, but at the moment there’s no time for the future – only the present,” he said.

“Who knows? I’m reluctant to say anything [about Blur], because if I do, it just gets taken out of context and then I’m accused of being a wind-up.” Meanwhile, in the same interview, the 47-year-old musician talked about how easy he could create a new album after revealing what he did for “The Fall,” Gorillaz’ previous effort.

The singer-producer talked about how he created the 2010 release while on tour promoting the band’s then previous album.

“I literally made it on the road,” Albarn said.

“I didn’t write it before, I didn’t prepare it.

I just did it day by day as a kind of diary of my experience in America.

If I left it until the New Year to release it then the cynics out there would say, ‘Oh well, it’s been tampered with’, but if I put it out now they’d know that I haven’t done anything because I’ve been on tour ever since.” Although there are no official words from them as of now, a new Gorillaz album is set to be released in the near future.

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