Gorgeous Korean Pop Star Song Hye Kyo’s Viewpoint And Sentiments On Love

Gorgeous Korean Pop Star Song Hye Kyo's Viewpoint And Sentiments On Love

Gorgeous Korean Pop Star Song Hye Kyo's Viewpoint And Sentiments On Love

According to a recent interview held by a local fashion magazine, despite Song Hye Kyo’s age, she is still trying on working things out on dating or even having a serious relationship owing to the fact that she strongly portrayed being romantic at heart. She said “I devoted myself fully to a relationship and never turn back when It is over. If it doesn’t work out, nevertheless (I devoted myself to it), it’s just a relationship that will never work.” Clearly, this revealed that she is not a fan of second chances.     Song Hye Kyo scrutinizingly commented on how come a man and a woman can still be friends after a break up from a romantic relationship and she said she just didn’t see the logic behind that. She also compared men to Mr. Kim who lives next door that even if you love each other dearly, when you two broke up, that man will surely become no better than Mr. Kim himself and that Mr. Kim is better since at least he’ll come by to visit and help you if you need anything. It showed how she is likely a strong independent woman who bases her choices on reality and not merely dwelling on fairytale-like stories in which men are prince charmings who always comes back after.
    Even when Song Hye Kyo seems to have a rosy view on love life, she still admits that it gets harder and harder as time passes by and she became pickier on choosing who to date and who to have a serious relationship with. In addition, she said you’ll somewhat change your outlook on marriage if you’ll listen to those married couples who have issues in their relationships. On the top of that, she shyly confessed that she’s not getting any younger and the idea of getting married is into her. She also conceded that she felt pressured about this issue especially when women at her age are more likely settled and already have kids.     Furthermore, the kpop star received the Grand Prize at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards for her megahit on “Descendants of the Sun” where she portrayed the character of a surgeon who still works amidst being in a disaster-torn area who eventually fall in love with an army captain.

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