GoPro Hero 5 Release Date Expected Winter 2015? Specs Rumored To Include 8K Video Capture And Built In Screen

After the latest release of the GoPro Hero 4, all eyes are now on GoPro Hero 5 as people are excited for a follow up on the latest hand held action camera.

With the one and only action cam that could shoot 4k videos in the market, GoPro sets to push the boundaries after the outstanding Hero 4 that swept the world with its mind blowing features.

Talking about price, the GoPro Hero 5, which is set by the 4 with a $400 price tag, could go about the same price.

With its competition going as low as $300 – below, the GoPro definitely is currently the most expensive one in the market with its high availability and the extensive collection of accessories and add-ons and, of course, the outstanding quality that it could offer.

The specs and features  are rumored to go beyond features that nobody thought could go.

Improvement of the depth of the waterproof casing is one.

From 40m, the GoPro Hero 5 casing is expected to go as deep as 60m for more exciting underwater shots that would definitely titillate the adventurer inside you.

With a Bluetooth 3.0 installed in almost all the latest gadgets, the GoPro Hero 5 is expected to have a Bluetooth 4.0 equipped to give the fastest response it could give.

Imagine, it may be as fast as the blink of an eye.

Battery life could be an issue to some, and a rumored 150% or more battery life is speculated by fans to be in the upcoming camera.

It may have a slight physical change to accommodate a bigger battery but is expected to be just less than an inch thicker.

Expected release date of the GoPro Hero 5 may come around the same time as the GoPro Hero 4 was released this year.

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