Goonies 2 Movie News: Chris Columbus Updates News About ‘Goonies’ Sequel, ‘Gremlins’ Reboot

Goonies 2 Movie News: Chris Columbus Updates News About ‘Goonies’ Sequel
Goonies 2 Movie News: Chris Columbus Updates News About ‘Goonies’ Sequel

Goonies 2 Movie News: Chris Columbus is spilling everything but water on the “Gremlins” reboot and the “Goonies” sequel.

The director Chris Columbus revealed major developments on the two anticipated sequels.

It’s been 31 years since the first Gremlins hit theaters.

Chris, who directed the original, told CinemaCon in Las Vegas that he is partnering with Steven Spielberg for Goonies 3.

Columbus told MTV News Steven Spielberg was officially working on a sequel to 80s cult classic The Goonies.

“We’ve been talking about it [Goonies 2] for years, we haven’t solved it yet.

I don’t know that we’ll ever solve it,” Columbus told MTV News.

Columbus also admitted that the Gremlins sequel is coming along quicker than Goonies 2.

“The Goonies is a much tougher nut to crack, for obvious reasons.

We are in the thick of it now, trying to figure it out,” he said.

Chris Columbus wrote Gremlins in 1984, and The Goonies in 1985.

“I am involved,” he confirmed to Collider magazine.”When I finished Gremlins, and the first Gremlins was released, I was asked to direct the sequel, and I said there was nowhere else to go.

This is before the pre-crazy franchise era of Hollywood when everything is a franchise.” Now that that “30 years have passed.

And I thought okay, we can do this, we can find a way not to remake the first movie, but to take those characters, and do something interesting,” the 56-year old director added.

“I realized from JJ [Abrams]’s other movies, when he did Star Trek, he has a sense of taking that sort of sense of nostalgia that we all want, and bringing it forward, like he brought Leonard Nimoy into the first Star Trek.

That to me was why we connected to that.” Columbus, Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg haven’t come up with a story for The Goonies 2 yet.

“We’re still searching, but we are searching very hard to try and make it work.

But we’re not going to let anybody down.

If we don’t feel it’s right, and that’s between Donner, Spielberg and myself, if we don’t feel it’s right, we’re not gonna do it,” Columbus told Collider.

“Well, time has passed, and I’ve seen what happens when sequels can actually work…

So I was open to the idea, and I think we have a really good take.”    

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