Google Teams Up With Skytruth, Oceana To Stop Illegal Fishing With Use Of Newest Mapping Technology

Global Fishing Watch will help track down illegal fishing around the world, as Google, Skytruth and Oceana team up to make this possible, Huffington Post reported.

The companies, during the recent IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia demonstrated the new platform and are working on getting funding to launch the program for free.

The president of Skytruth said in a statement quoted by Delhi Daily News “So much of what happens out on the high seas is invisible, and that has been a huge barrier to understanding and showing the world what’s at stake for the ocean.

But now, satellite data is allowing us to make human interaction with the ocean more transparent than ever before, ” The platform will enable countries around the world to monitor illegal fishing in their oceans and allow for information sharing.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization that fist stocks are overfished in 2011.

“We believe that knowing when, where, and how boats are fishing is an essential step to help countries better manage the world’s fisheries, many of which are drastically overfished.

Nearly one-third of assessed marine fish stocks worldwide have been overfished, and 90 percent were either fully fished or overfished in 2011,” the UN agency noted in a statement.

Huffington Post stated in its article that at the most $23 billion are lost to illegal fishing.

Fishing vessels are now using the latest technology to conduct illegal fishing and countries need to keep up to ensure that oceans are managed properly.

“With the help of Google’s mapping technology, Global Fishing Watch has already revealed tracks of around 25,000 large commercial fishing vessels.

The aim is creating a service that will be able to identify illegal fishing activities close to real time.

This way, the authorities will be able to act quickly if fishing is being carried out in protected areas,” the article in Delhi Daily News stated regarding Global Fishing Watch.

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