God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date To Come Soon? Rumors Regarding Plot Include Kratos Fighting Of Iconic Gods On Upcoming Game?

A few years after GOW Ascension was released for the PS3, God Of War 4 release date is now being talked about and is expected to hit shelves really soon and is expected to be available for PS4.

Before the recently held E3 2014, rumors go around that announcements for GOW4 will be made but Sony made no announcements whatsoever on the said event.

“God of War 4 teasers are under development while the use of snippets and heavy cinematic expressions are expected,” an anonymous said before E3, which proved to be untrue.

Fans meanwhile, speculate that the fourth installment of the game would be the end of the series as it said to lead to the death of Kratos and his family.

Gaming website, Cyberland, claimed that Kratos would fall in the hands of Thor in the next game and would end the series.

Another claim said that a part five would be possible, but would be a prequel for the entire series.

There are no official word from Sony as of yet about God Of War 4 release date but it is reported to be out in the next three years.

Meanwhile, God Of War: Ascension is reported to come to PS4.

A remastered 1080p native version of the GOW’s latest game is said to be available for digital download on the PlayStation Store.

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