‘God Of War 4’ PS4 Release Date Set Near Launch Of PS4.5? Know The Latest Here

'God Of War 4' PS4 Release Date Set Near Launch Of PS4.5? Know The Latest Here

'God Of War 4' PS4 Release Date Set Near Launch Of PS4.5? Know The Latest Here

In a report by Daily Star , some information by an “Orisis Black” has been leaked regarding the graphics of the upcoming “God of War 4” in the new PS4 4K console. But this has not been confirmed yet so there is really no official announcement by Sony.

Sony probably plans to showcase its upcoming console into the new “God of War” game
He wrote on NeoGAF: “Info from a meeting we had yesterday.
“They stated that the GPU is twice as powerful as standard PS4 and much faster.
“They did not say exactly how fast but that is was running at a higher clock speed while being much smaller than the original.
Orisis Black also confirmed that the new console will not be priced to a level which might be too much for a consumer’s pocket. He also noted the upgrade on the new console’s CPU and a possible trade-in program for PS4 owners.
He said: “We were guaranteed the price will be no higher than $499.99
“He mentioned the CPU upgrade quite a bit, almost as if they haven’t really decided on a final spec, could be a pricing issue.
“Also there is currently no plan for any type of trade-in program for current PS4 users but that could change.”
Orisis Black also added that a VR incorporation might also be included in the forthcoming upgrade.
 “Also there was talk of some sort of VR lounge for the media player app which is supposed to be getting a substantial upgrade,” he said.
“It was stated plainly and with no room for interpretation that there are developers that already have development kits for the PS4K and that they are making games that will directly target and take advantage of the higher specs of the PS4K.
“It was also stated that these games will in fact work for the PS4 but with considerable sacrifices made to performance.”
As for the game’s new story, GearNuke reported that “God of War 4” will be having a different mythology compared to previous versions. The report mentioned information coming from an insider named “Shinbo” who confirmed the said information by using cryptic Tweets followed by #GodofWar hashtags.
The upcoming E3 conference in June will be hosted by Sony and chances for an announcement of a new GOW is probably high.

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