‘Goblin’ star Gong Yoo Presents Co-Star Park Kyung-Hye With The ‘Most Valuable’ Birthday Gift

'Goblin' star Gong Yoo Presents Co-Star Park Kyung-Hye With The 'Most Valuable' Birthday Gift

'Goblin' star Gong Yoo Presents Co-Star Park Kyung-Hye With The 'Most Valuable' Birthday Gift

Actress Park Kyung-Hye who plays the virgin ghost in tvN’s “Goblin” shared her experiences during the filming of the popular fantasy drama. Apparently, the show was set to film on her birthday as well and in turn, she received a rather valuable gift from the show’s star. Gong Yoo. Park Kyung-Hye admittedly shares that she did not have many scenes with the show’s lead actor Gong Yoo. However, the 23-year old actress was lucky enough to have been with Gong Yoo when the show filmed on her birthday. Born January 5, 1993, Park was delighted to have received a gift from Gong Yoo. According to AllKPop , Kim told Gong Yoo that it was Park’s birthday. Upon learning that it was the actress’ birthday, Gong Yoo wished her a happy birthday and gave her a handshake.
The Virgin Ghost actress has expressed that she was very thankful for the gift and it made her birthday special.According to Park “It was a more valuable gift than anything else.” Above all else, the young actress is definitely happy and thankful that she was given the opportunity to have a project with Gong Yoo sunbae as per ASZ News . It is worth mentioning that Park Kyung-Hye has only had a limited number of scenes with Gong Yoo sunbae. The latter usually featured the actress running away from Gong Yoo’s character in sheer fright. Getting a handshake as a birthday gift from Gong Yoo has made Park very happy and the actress has been transparent about everything. It is quite evident that the Virgin Ghost is a rather big fan of the man who plays Kim Shin. According to a previous report , every one of the show’s cast members is happy and have developed a good relationship. After the recent “Goblin” wraps up, the cast members have shared a video thanking the fans for their support. The fact that no one predicted that the fantasy drama would be so well received by fans, even internationally, has made the group even closer.

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