Go Jun Hee Goes Blond In InStyle

Go Jun Hee Goes Blond In InStyle
Go Jun Hee Goes Blond In InStyle

  Model and actress Go Jun Hee shocked readers by debuting a new blonde hairstyle in the June issue of InStyle.

The beauty traveled to sunny Hawaii for a laid-back pictorial filled with floral dresses, strappy sandals and ripped-jean shorts.

Among her affordable accessories was a pair of Dr.

Martens “Clarrisa” sandals, which can be yours for $120 at the brand’s official online store.

During the accompanying interview, Go discussed how she prepared for her upcoming action film Intimate Enemies , also know as My Friendly Villains .

She revealed, “There are many action scenes so I started attending action school for practice even before I started shooting the film.

One time, I startled my mom when I went home with fake blood still on me.” When the topic switched to her trademark short hair, Go was dismissive and casual.

She explained, “After cutting my hair into a bob, I’ve worked on six different projects without rest, so I don’t have the spare time to change my hairstyle or to get sick of it…” Recently, Go Jun Hee showcased MAC’s newest Huggable Lip Color lipstick collection in the May issue of Marie Claire.

In the May issue of Elle , the actress explained why she wanted to participate in the Im Sang Soo directed film.

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