Go Hye Sun Supported Her Close Fiend, Seo Hyun Jin,Cutely Saying “She Is My Actress”

Go Hye Sun Supported Her Close Fiend

Go Hye Sun Supported Her Close Fiend, Seo Hyun Jin,Cutely Saying

Go Hye Sun is known for her generosity, kindness and her great talents. Beside being a great actress, she also tries many field including directing a movie. She does working hard yet not stingy to give others in need. Apart from that, she is also friendly and cute. Recently, she talked about her close friend, Seo Hyun Jin. According to report from allkpop , the two had been close since M.I.L.K days where Hyun Jin was one of the members. Although it was not so long, but Go Hye Sun trusted her to be part of her movie.
She also said that she was happy to see her having success. Then she said something cute by saying that she was the one who discovered her talent and she was her actress. It is so fun hearing that from Go Hye Sun as she said it as a joke. Ge Hye Sun sees Seo Hyun Jin as a friend and not a competitor. She is just so proud to find her and trust her in her movie. Although the movie didn’t do well, Go Hye Sun is so happy having her and always thinks that she is her actress. Off course, she said it while laughing to make a joke. According to report from soompi , Seo Hyun Jin was a part for Go Hye Sun’s movie “Madonna”, “Magic”, and some more. She did well although then the movie didn’t do well. Go Hye Sun said that she didn’t’ regret her decision or the failure but she could learn something from it. Go Hye Sun is indeed a tough girl in entertainment and she shows variety of talents in many fields. She is also a great artist for painting and many more. Having great friend like Go Hye Sun who did the shoutout for her must make Seo Hyun Jin felt so happy and proud. Let’s cheer for the success of them both!


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