‘Glee’ Star Darren Criss Praises Akdong Musician’s Song ‘200%’

'Glee' Star Darren Criss Praises Akdong Musician's Song '200%'
'Glee' Star Darren Criss Praises Akdong Musician's Song '200%'

Although still teenagers, brother-sister K-Pop duo Akdong Musician have had an impressive start to their music careers.

With a debut album that ranked number one on the charts and a plethora of catchy tunes to their names, it is no wonder that the pair has established a laundry list of fans around the world – including a few famous faces.

Akdong Musician’s popularity has spread to the US, where counted among their fans is none other than Glee star Darren Criss.

Criss, who was known for his role as Blaine Anderson on the high school musical drama, may have some things in common with Korea’s young stars as he  also comes from a family of musicians.

The singer-actor recently complimented Akdong Musician through Twitter.

Criss urged his followers to listen to Akdong Musician’s “200%” and included a link to their music video on Twitter.

Criss said he was impressed with Chan Hyuk who writes and produces the duo’s hit songs.

Would you like to see Darren Criss and Akdong Musician to do a collaboration?

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