Girl’s Generation’s YoonA Unleashes Fiercer Look For ‘The King Loves’ Teaser Stills

Girl's Generation's YoonA Unleashes Fiercer Look For 'The King Loves' Teaser Stills

Girl's Generation's YoonA Unleashes Fiercer Look For 'The King Loves' Teaser Stills

Girls Generation’s YoonA is shedding her typical look to show a fierce side with the latest teasers for the upcoming Korean drama “The King Loves.” The singer-actress is shown in three publicity shots wearing traditional Korean costumes but wielding a weapon with an intense look in her eyes. “The King Loves” is a story set in the Goryeo dynasty and will revolve around the crown prince Won, who will be played by Im Siwan, his good friend and bodyguard Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun) and the girl they will both fall in love with – Eun San, a rich man’s daughter. The role of Eun San will be portrayed by YoonA.
Based on the initial photos released by MBC, YoonA is shown sneaking around the palace with a mischievous look at her face. The other shows her seemingly involved in competition and holding what appears to be a stick. This has spurred fans’ excitement over the possibly feisty character that YoonA will portray, Soompi reported. Prior to “The King Loves”, YoonA appeared opposite Ji Chang Wook in tvN’s “The K2” where she played the illegitimate daughter of South Korea’s presidential aspirant. The role earned her high praise from critics and reviewers. In an interview with All Kpop , YoonA said that she is excited to find out what type of working relationship will develop between herself and her co-star Siwan, who like YoonA is a K-pop idol. Siwan is a member of the boy band ZE:A. This will be their first project together. “I currently don’t have any relation to Siwan, but I think we will be able to get close fast,” she said. I heard he’s a good person. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of person he is. ” Meanwhile, MBC also released the first stills of Siwan as the Crown Prince Won. In the two promotional stills, the actor is shown sporting casual traditional garb and royal attire.     

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