Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Prepares For Grand Comeback, Releases Thrilling Teasers

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon Prepares For Grand Comeback

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon Prepares For Grand Comeback, Releases Thrilling Teasers

Girls’ Generations’ Hyoyeon has just confirmed that she is preparing for her grand comeback. News has it that Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon is busy preparing for her upcoming grand comeback. To prove this, there are even new thrilling teasers that were just released to the public. On May 25, a number of teaser images featuring the artist were posted on Girls’ Generation’s official Twitter account. Last May 25, numerous teaser images were released showing the upcoming comeback of Hyoyeon. The pictures were posted to the official Twitter account of Girls’ Generation. It’s because of this that people, especially their fans can’t help but fall pretty to the excitement and thrill of that much-awaited comeback of their idol, Hyoyeon.
The post revealed that the singer would be making her comeback with a single titled “Wannabe,” which will feature artist San E. The single is slated to be released on June 1 at 6 p.m. KST. According to Soompi , the comeback single of Hyoyeon is entitled, “Wannabe”. However, the thrill doesn’t stop there because it is reported that the upcoming single will also be featuring San E. Because of this, both Hyoyeon and San E.’s fans would surely patronize the upcoming song. Reports say that the upcoming single will be released this coming June 1. It is worth noting that Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon has also recently had her solo artist debut for SM Entertainment as the track entitled, “Mistery” was released through SM Station. According to another report by Soompi , after thrilling teasers were released, Hyoyeon finally took the chance to confirm that she is indeed preparing for her grand comeback. With all of these being said, one can clearly see that Hyoyeon is experiencing a lot of success in her life as she will once again showcase her wit and talent in singing and dancing with the upcoming release of “Wannabee”. Let’s wish her the best of luck, and let’s hope that “Wannabee” make its way to the top music charts in South Korea and internationally.

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