Girls’ Generation – TTS’ “Holler” Breaks “Twinkle” Record With World Album Chart Ranking

Girls’ Generation – TTS’ “Holler” Breaks “Twinkle” Record With World Album Chart Ranking
Girls’ Generation – TTS’ “Holler” Breaks “Twinkle” Record With World Album Chart Ranking

The craze over idol group Girls’ Generation – TTS ‘ ” Holler ” has yet to end.

The trio ranked No.

1 on Billboard’s World Album Chart for their mini-album “Holler,” which was released on September 16, according to the Korean publication Osen Entertainment.

This is the second time Girls’ Generation – TTS topped the music magazine’s World Album Chart.

They previously took the No.

1 spot in 2012 with their first album ” Twinkle .” “Holler” came in at No.

1 on nine different iTunes charts within Asia and topped major music charts in Korea.

“This album is just the mind, body and soul of all three of us.

Not that I haven’t been proud of past albums, but this album is something we are so proud of and so satisfied with.

It’s so right now.

The fashion is very now, the music is very now.

But it also captured [our ages] 25 and 23.

I’m excited to be able to leave this down as kind of like a memoir or yearbook.

I just hope the fans will be just as excited and open towards us growing up,” L.A.

native Tiffany told Billboard during a recent interview.

The Girls’ Generation members also won the September 25th   episode of the cable music program “M! Countdown.” The three idol stars performed their hit track “Holler” and ” Adrenaline ” on the KBS 2TV music program “Music Bank” tonight as well.

The music video ranked No.

1 on YouTube’s K-pop Channel Music Video Chart, China’s YinYueTai and Inweitai’s V Chart as well.

Despite the success of the music video for “Holler,” the trio has no plans to release any more videos for the title track.

“One for now, hopefully we’ll get the chance to put new song material together too.

We’ve been prepping this song together, especially “Holler,” since late March/early April.

We had so many different inspirations and seasonal looks to this song — we have the spring version, the summer version — and then it finally got decided for the fall season.

So, we went for the S/W colors.

There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the project, but we got it perfectly done.

We’re very satisfied,” explained Tiffany.     

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