Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, Her Beautiful Work In Various Fields

Girls' Generation Sooyoung
Girls' Generation Sooyoung

Girl group Girls’ Generation ‘s member Sooyoung has been blooming not only as a singer and as an MC but also as an actress.

Sooyoung proved her potential to be much larger than what has been shown until now.

Sooyoung is currently playing the main character role on MBC drama ” My Spring Days “.

She’s also been the MC of the SBS program “Midnight TV” for more than 2 years now, also expanding her territory as an MC.

She has thus been catching much attention not only as a singer but as a general entertainer.

Sooyoung received much praise through her smooth leading on “Midnight TV”.

Her bright character brought life to the program and her coordination with Yoon Do Hyun is also neat.

She’s been asked for many MC spots for special events as she had proved herself to be skilled at it.

Sooyoung also was approved as an actress through “My Spring Days”.

Appearing with no fancy clothes and makeup on and just as a normal girl on the screen has been favorable to the viewers.

The character immersed right into herself, breaking the stereotype of acting idols.

Her bright personality matched well with the optimistic and strong personality of her character.

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