Girls’ Generation And Their 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Girls' Generation And Their 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Girls' Generation And Their 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Girls’ Generation was formed way back in the year 2007. Since then, they had successfully pushed the borders of K-pop influence throughout the rest of the world. Thanks to their talent in performing and singing which perfectly matches their innate beauty, charm and sexy figure, they aced and topped the charts every now and then. Now, they are celebrating their 10 th  year anniversary. However, there are reports that Jessica, a former member of the group might not be part of the celebration.
Reports say that SM Entertainment, the company agency of Girls’ Generation, will have the group do a project monthly. The monthly project would then culminate in the exact date of the 10 th  year anniversary of Girls’ Generation. According to Celebeat , the name of the monthly project is “monthly Girls’ Generation” project. It is also reported that it will take off sometime in July or August. In a time where most K-pop groups are vanishing into thin air as they reached their max contract, Girls’ Generation seems to be experience things the other way around as they’re still up and running even after 10 years. But then again, it’s not really all good news for the group as their former member, Jessica, had left Girls’ Generation in 2014. Now, most avid fans of the group are yearning for a Jessica comeback or even just to appear in one of the events in the monthly even project of Girls’ Generation. For now, there is still no official confirmation that says Jessica will take part in the “monthly Girls’ Generation” project. Hopefully, the management will consider having her back again, as she had contributed in one way or another to the overall and the general success of the group, Girls’ Generation.

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