Girl’s Day’s Yura Has The Most Alcohol Tolerance, Reveals Hyeri During Showcase for ‘Everyday #5’

Girl's Day's Yura Has The Most Alcohol Tolerance

Girl's Day's Yura Has The Most Alcohol Tolerance, Reveals Hyeri During Showcase for 'Everyday #5'

During Girls’ Day’s album release showcase for “Girl’s Day Everyday #5” on Monday, March 27, member Hyeri was asked a really out of the blue question. “Who is better at drinking alcohol among the group?” asked one fan. Hyeri didn’t even have second thoughts and revealed that Yura is the best drinker among Girl’s Day members. According to Koreaboo , Hyeri also revealed that member Minah is the weakest in terms of alcohol tolerance. Hyeri also revealed that if Yura drinks slowly, she could finish two bottles of soju. She also added that Girl’s Day’s Yura drinks a mixture of beer and soju called somaek and would get drunk fast. The Girl’s Day member also discussed how she could only drink just half a bottle of soju. Hyeri  jokingly added that if she drinks a bottle of soju she wouldn’t know where she would end up.
In the same album showcase, Girl’s Day performed seven songs including the album’s title song “I’ll Be Yours”. According to Soompi , members Sojin and Mina also performed their solo tracks. During the Q&A portion of the showcase, Girl’s Day members were asked what they would do if they would win first place on a music show. The girls immediately answered that they will record a cuter version of “I’ll Be Yours” if so. Fans at the event also noticed how Hyeri’s earrings were always falling that happened over three times. The Girl’s Day member then explained that she did not have her ears pierced, that’s why the earrings were falling off because they were fake. Girl’s Day just recently made their comeback after almost two years of hiatus from the music industry. The fifth part of their “Everyday” series, “Everyday #5” was released on Monday, March 27. Girl’s Day just also started promoting for “Everyday #5” starting on SBS’ “The Show” on March 28. Meanwhile, watch Girl’s Day’s MV for “I’ll Be Yours” down below.

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