Girl’s Day’s Hyeri supports Ji Sung on his new drama ‘Defendant’

Girl's Day's Hyeri supports Ji Sung on his new drama 'Defendant'

Girl's Day's Hyeri supports Ji Sung on his new drama 'Defendant'

Hyeri proved again how sweet and thoughtful she is as she showed her support for her sunbae Ji Sung. As reported by All Kpo p , the Girl’s Day member recently sent a coffee cart for her sunbae and the staff and crew of Ji Sung’s newest drama “Defendant”. Known to be one of the cheesy and perky idols, Hyeri customized the coffee cart that she sent with messages like “you’re so cool” and “you’re so handsome” addressed to actor Ji Sung. Hyeri previously worked with Ji Sung on drama “Entertainer” where they got closer.

Hyeri also sent her warm support not only to Ji Sung but also to director Cho Young Kwan. The two worked before on “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” in 2015 and they also had a good working relationship. Alongside her messages for Ji Sung, Hyeri also wrote messages for the said director. Hyeri cutely wrote “fighting!” and even joked “are you two doing a production without me?” In earlier news when Ji Sung and Hyeri are still filming for “Entertainer”, the two were involved in some issues because of their pairing despite their huge age gap. However, because of Hyeri’s pleasant ad bright attitude, these rumors were hushed especially when Ji Sung’s wife, “I Hear Your Voice” actress Lee Bo Young voiced her opinion of the actress. According to Soompi , Lee Bo Young was actually happy when she heard that her husband will be paired with Hyeri because she’s a fan of Hyeri’s drama “Reply 1988”. She admired Hyeri’s acting skills on the said series and even praised Hyeri’s performance. A year after their drama together, Hyeri and Ji Sung are still proven to continue their oppa-dongsaeng relationship. This shouldn’t be an issue as Hyeri also kept good and close ties with her former co-actors such as her leading man in “Reply 1988”, Park Bo Gum.

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