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Girl’s Day’s Hyeri ‘Gives Her All’ When She Loves: Hyeri Winning The Lottery on ‘New Yang Nam Show’ Was Just A Prank!

Girl's Day's Hyeri 'Gives Her All' When She Loves: Hyeri Winning The Lottery on 'New Yang Nam Show' Was Just A Prank!

  On Thursday, April 13, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri appeared on tvN’s “Life Bar” episode. The K-pop idol discussed her love life and what kind of a girlfriend she is. Girl’s Day’s Sojin, Yura, and Minah also made a guest appearance on the Thursday episode. According to All Kpop , the girls discussed details from their past relationships. However, Hyeri was the most open among Girl’s Day. Hyeri revealed that she once had a boyfriend who was obsessed with her.
Hyeri then proceeded to reveal what type of girlfriend she is. The Girl’s Day member stated that when she falls in love, she gives him all of her loving. He would be one lucky guy!  Meanwhile, Hyeri and the rest of Girl’s Day appeared on the April 6 episode of Mnet’s “New Yang Nam Show”. According to Soompi , the girls participated in a quiz. As a prize, the show gave Girl’s Day members scratch-off lottery tickets as a reward. What happened next surprised everyone at the show. When Hyeri was scratching off her ticket, Hyeri suddenly said “I think I won something.” Upon giving her ticket to the show’s staff for checking, it was then revealed that the Girl’s Day member 20 million Korean won (around $17,700). However, it was later revealed that it was actually a prank. “When we checked with the production staff of the show, they informed us that it was a prank,” said Girl’s Day management Dream T Entertainment. They also added that the managers on the scene were tricked as well. Dream T Entertainment initially stated that Girl’s Day’s Hyeri winning the lottery was not a fake and that everyone was genuinely shocked by the incident. “I’m not sure if she has cashed it yet, but we can confirm that it was not a prank,” added the agency. Girl’s Day recently made their comeback with the song “I’ll Be Yours” on March 26. The music video was also released along with the song on the same day.