Girl’s Day Release Bright ‘Hello Bubble’ Music Video

Girl's Day Release Bright 'Hello Bubble' Music Video
Girl's Day Release Bright 'Hello Bubble' Music Video

Girl’s Day have finally revealed the music video for their single “Hello Bubble.” The track was created by hitmaker Duble Sidekick and is a collaboration project with haircare and cosmetics brand Mise en Scene.

In the music video the beautiful idols showed off their bright hair shades, which were accomplished with Foam Hair Color’s latest line of products.

Dream Tea Entertainment explained the theme of the project when the company released the song’s jacket photo.

According to the official press release , “We’re collaborating with Mise en Scene hair care product company for this project to create a theme that will allow each member to show off her individuality.

The new project single will feature unique music, fashion, and choreography as well.” The song began with the lyrics, “I feel good about my hair style today.

I can’t stop smiling.

After dressing in a cute outfit, I start my day with a glow.” Fans are loving the addicting pop song.

The top rated comment under the new video, by MsAnimeFajn10, exclaims, “Last year, Orange Caramel’s ‘Abing Abing’ for a Baskin Robin’s CF.

This year, Girl’s Day’s ‘Hello Bubble’ for a hair product brand.

Girl groups! Keep doing these Summer CF songs!” Check out the music video below! Recently, Girl’s Day also promoted Mise en Scene in the May issue of High Cut .

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