Girl’s Day Members Argue On Who’s Wealthiest on TvN’s ‘Taxi’ [WATCH]

Girl's Day Members Argue On Who's Wealthiest on TvN's 'Taxi' [WATCH]

Girl's Day Members Argue On Who's Wealthiest on TvN's 'Taxi' [WATCH]

Girl’s Day recently appeared on tvN’s “Taxi.” During the episode, the girls discussed their two cents regarding which member is the richest among them. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri started off voting co-member Sojin as the richest. According to Koreaboo , she claimed that Sojin is surrounded with expensive items that proved her wealth. Sojin, however, explained that the “expensive” items Hyeri found in her house were given by her sponsors. The Girl’s Day member immediately fired back and voted that Hyeri is the group’s richest member.
The “Taxi” MC, Lee Young Ja, agreed with Sojin. Young Ja stated that Girl’s Day’s Hyeri alone has a profit of 10 billion Korean Won for Dream Tea Entertainment, giving her the nickname “Ten Billion Girl.” Young Ja also announced that Girl’s Day’s Yura was the group’s second wealthiest. Apparently, the K-pop idol had saved enough money to buy a commercial building in her hometown in Ulsan. Girl’s Day member Sojin backed up the MC’s statement, and added that both Minah and Yura are good with handling money. “The charter price on Minah’s house is more expensive than my house’s market value. She doesn’t spend the money she earns. She’s currently saving it well,” says Sojin. Sojin also said Yura “is good at increasing the money she earns because she’s highly interested in investment techniques.” The Girl’s Day member also added “She’s really rich.” In other news, Girl’s Day recently held their album release showcase for “Everyday #5” on Mar. 27. During the event, the members were asked if who among them drinks the most. As previously reported , Girl’s Day’s Hyeri revealed that member Yura drinks the most in the group. According to Hyeri, Yura could slowly finish two bottles of soju. The Girl’s Day member also revealed that Yura drinks a mixture of soju and beer called somaek. However, Yura gets drunk fast whenever she drinks somaek.

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