Girl’s Day Lands First Ever Billboard World Albums Chart Spot With ‘Everyday #5’!

Girl's Day Lands First Ever Billboard World Albums Chart Spot With 'Everyday #5'!

Girl's Day Lands First Ever Billboard World Albums Chart Spot With 'Everyday #5'!

  Girls’ Day fans rejoice! The girl group just made their first mark on the Billboard World Album Chart with their recent comeback album “Everyday #5”. Girl’s Day’s “Everyday #5” placed within the top 10 list of Billboard’s World Album Charts. “Everyday #5” was released on March 27. As of Thursday, April 6, Girl’s Day’s “Everyday #5” landed in the 7 th spot of the Billboard World Album Charts, reports Soompi . “Everyday #5” is holding the No. 7 spot as of this writing.
Aside from Girl’s Day, MONSTA X’s “The Clan Pt. 2.5: Beautiful” placed the No. 3 spot on Billboard’s World Album Charts. They are followed GOT7’s “Flight Log: Arrival” on No. 8 who was at MONSTA X’s spot last week. BTS’ “You Never Walk Alone” on the other hand, barely made it into Billboard’s chart. BTS has risen 5 places from last week and are now on the No. 10 spot. In other news, Girl’s Day recently made an appearance in tvN’s “Taxi”. As previously reported , the girls argued on whoever is the wealthiest among the group. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri first stated that Sojin is the wealthiest. Hyeri’s assumption is based on the expensive stuff she saw on Sojin’s house. Sojin immediately denied the Girl’s Day co-member’s assumption. Sojin clarified that the “expensive items” Hyeri found was given to her by her sponsors. She then voted Hyeri as the group’s wealthiest, which was approved by “Taxi” MC Lee Young Ja. Lee Young Ja then proceeded to reveal that Girl’s Day’s Hyeri gave their agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, a profit of 10 billion Korean won ALONE. Since then, Hyeri was nicknamed the “Ten Billion Girl”. Lee Young Ja also revealed that Girl’s Day’s Yura was the second wealthiest in the girl group. Apparently, Yura had bought a commercial building in her hometown in Ulsan. Girl’s Day’s appearance in “Taxi” ended with Sojin revealing Yura’s excellence in saving money. Yura also is inclined in investing her money.      

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