Girl’s Day Goes Global After Finally Entering World Album Chart

Girl's Day Goes Global After Finally Entering World Album Chart

Girl's Day Goes Global After Finally Entering World Album Chart

Just last April 6, the hit K-pop girl group, “Girl’s Day”, is in for a lot of groundbreaking success as they had grasped the 7 th  spot in the Billboard’s World Album chart for April 15 week. This is a very noteworthy accomplishment for the girl group as this is their first time to make it to the top 10 of the world renowned music chart. The album entitled, “Girl’s Day Everyday”, was released to the public last March 27, and it was positively received by the people. It also marked the comeback of the group after being away from the spotlight for 20 months.
Just as soon as the album was released, its lead track titled as “I’ll Be Yours”, managed to go to the top charts. According to All K-pop , a special clip of the lead song, “I’ll Be Yours”, of the newly released album was just released. This shows that Girl’s Day is still able to take the K-pop world by storm. And this is not only about a local success as their recently released album and track managed to make its way into the international charts. This once again proves that the girl group, together with the K-pop music genre is still pretty much alive, up and running in the world stage. According to Hello K-pop , the music video showed off and features the girl group’s sexy and hot body as they danced their way across the a very merry and vibrant environment. With this, there is no doubt that the music video will give Girl’s Day another milestone as it is forecasted that it will make records in having a lot of views. Hopefully, Girl’s Day will continue with their comeback as their recent album and lead track shows that a lot of fans still idolize them.

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