Girl Group Debuts – Dream Catcher, Pledis Girlz, Seeart and Bonus Babies

Girl Group Debuts – Dream Catcher

Girl Group Debuts – Dream Catcher, Pledis Girlz, Seeart and Bonus Babies

Every year there are lots of girl groups that debut. In 2017 there will be more! The girl group Pledis is preparing will finally debut next year! Pledis Girlz will have their final concert as Pledis Girlz on January 6. After that, Pledis Entertainment will reveal Pledis Girlz official name. They will also start their countdown for their very own debut. Eight girls from Pledis Girlz have already gone to MNET’s famous survival show “Produce 101”. Also, Pinky and Nayoung are part of IOI which were the winners of the show.

According to Allkpop , Happyface Entertainment’s revival of their rookie group MINX, Dream Catcher, will also debut next year. Happyface has been teasing fans and new fans for their debut. Dream Catcher has released teasers like concept photos and videos. They have also released dance covers and practices for Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher will be releasing music video teaser for their debut track “Nightmare” on the 1 st and 2 nd of January next year. They have released 2 individual teaser pictures for each member and is continuing with the release until the 29 th . The new 8-member girl group Seeart will also debut next year. The girl group from Yama and Hot Chicks has been releasing teasers for their fans. They have released many different performance videos with each of the members. They have also introduced all of the members and their part in the team. The Seoul Story reported that another girl group will debut next year. Bonus Baby from Maru Entertainment will debut in January too. Bonus Baby will be a six-member girl group. They haven’t released any teasers yet but Maru Entertainment confirmed that Bonus Baby will definitely debut on January 1 of 2017. As New Year approaches, new girl group are debuting. There are definitely many to watch out for! Other girl groups that might debut are Fantagio girls and the Star Empire trainees. Who do you think will do well? Stay tuned for more updates! 

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