Gfriend Uploads Highlight Medley For Their First Album, ‘L.O.L’

Continuing to build excitement,  Gfriend  have revealed the highlight medley for their upcoming first album, ‘ L.O.L ‘. In this highlight medley, it introduces the fans to every track in the album. This includes a snippet of the instrumental version of the title track, ‘ NAVILLERA ‘.
The video features beautiful images of the members which have been taken for their comeback. The highlight medley is able to give the fans a taste into what type of tracks are in their new album. Short snippets of each track in the highlight medley have been played in the order that have been listed in the track list. Even though each song has a similar style and vibe, the album has been presented in a manner that presents  Gfriend  in a cute and innocent way. Most of the songs are very bright and refreshing to the ear, thus getting fans more excited for their comeback and the release of their first album, ‘ L.O.L ‘. Gfriend ‘s album, ‘ L.O.L ‘, and the music video for ‘ NAVILLERA ‘ will be released on the 11th of July. So for now, check out the beautiful highlight medley and let us know what you think about it! How are you liking their teasers? Which song captivated your attention? Let us know below!    

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