Get To Know SEVENTEEN’s Leader Unit And Their New Song ‘Change Up’

Get To Know SEVENTEEN's Leader Unit And Their New Song 'Change Up'

The highly-anticipated first sub-unit project off SEVENTEEN’s promotions has finally arrived. On Sept. 25, SEVENTEEN’s leader unit dropped their new project “Change Up” alongside its music video on VLive.
But what is behind this comeback? Dive into the events and the leader unit that lead up to the project’s official release! Seventeen recently released a teaser image for their 2017 Seventeen Project Chapter 2: 新世界 With ‘Change Up’ almost upon us, will we see Vocalist S.Coups? Rapper Woozi? Vocalist and rapper Hoshi? Stay tuned as Seventeen brings us into their ‘New World’ on September 25th, 2017 – 2017 is truly Seventeen’s year.

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