Get That K-Pop Look: Kim Greem At Jerome Dreyfuss Flagship Store Opening Party

Get That K-Pop Look: Kim Greem At Jerome Dreyfuss Flagship Store Opening Party
Get That K-Pop Look: Kim Greem At Jerome Dreyfuss Flagship Store Opening Party

Welcome to this week’s Get That K-Pop Look, where we showcase an original K-Pop outfit and give you tips on putting together your own similarly styled, affordable outfit.

This week we’re loving that Kim Greem proves fedoras, blazers, and smart pants aren’t just for boring businessmen.

She brought a sophisticated edge to the red carpet when she showed up in an outfit that would bring such much-needed spice to any office.

Read on for tips on putting together this dapper look.

  Boho Felt Womens Floppy Hat, $19.99 from Tilly’s Hats are having their day in the sun right now.

We’re not quite at a Royal Wedding level of hat wearing yet, but these babies are definitely in.

This one from Tilly’s is an adventure waiting to happen.

Black Ready for Date Blazer in Double Zippy Breasted Style, $16.84 from Coco Fashion A lot of non-blazer wearers usually think they’re great but that they couldn’t pull one off, maybe because of broad shoulders or a long torso or a curvy chest.

If you’re one of those people, please scrap that idea right now.

There are so many different cuts, shapes, colors, and sizes for blazers (or, a tailor that can help you create one just for you.) We love that Kim Greem is going totally classic on the red carpet, and if you’re going that route we recommend this one from Coco Fashion – but the site is also full of more non-traditional blazers that incorporate floral print, leopard skin, and zippers in every direction for the modern blazer-wearer.

Flat Collar Woven Blouse, $17.80 from Forever 21 If you don’t already have a loose white blouse like this in your closet, get on it.

It’s a go-to for this under the blazer look, but it also looks perfect tucked into a high-waisted patterened skirt or draped over bright skinny jeans.

15 FIFTEEN Ponte Pant, $47.20 from Buckle It’s a great time to be in the market for a good pair of leather pants – they’re for sale everywhere right now.

The best part of a pair like this one is that they can make everything from your rattiest T-shirts to Grandma-style cardigans look like they’ve got an edge.

Leather leggings that looked as if they were sprayed right on to your legs are super popular now too, but we’re digging Kim Green rocking a classic pant cut with her blouse-and-blazer top.

Edilania, $41.99 from Aldo You don’t need us to tell you that Kim Greem’s pointy-toed pump is serving the all-important color pop right here.

The coral is on point here.

Fashion purists might argue that the shoe’s shade is better suited to summer, but it wouldn’t be K-Pop fashion if anyone was sticking to the rules.

  Yeswalker Shoulder Bag, $45.81 from YesStyle This is the kind of bag that shows up in K-Pop airport fashion more than it does on the red carpet, but we can see why.

A hefty brown suede bag like this can be paired with any outfit.

Stuff this with snacks, gossip mags, extra lipgloss and maybe a pair of flats for later, and you’ll be ready for any emergency while still being completely in style.


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