‘Generation of Youth’ Season 2 Cast: Hwayoung Makes Exit As Regular Cast Member

'Generation of Youth' Season 2 Cast: Hwayoung Makes Exit As Regular Cast Member

'Generation of Youth' Season 2 Cast: Hwayoung Makes Exit As Regular Cast Member

“Generation of Youth” is heading for a second season with five lead cast members returning. However, recent updates reveal that Hwayoung will no longer be a regular cast member in Season 2 but will only have a cameo appearance. The updates state that Hwayoung will only be making a special appearance on “Generation of Youth” Season 2. According to Allkpop, production director Lee Tae Gon is reported to have explained on March 16, that the storyline of the drama will continue without excluding Hwayoung’s character but the actress will not be portraying any special role in “Generation of Youth” season 2. 
Lee Tae Gon added that the actress will not be continuing the story in all 12 episodes but Hwayoung will likely appear in only one or two episodes of “Generation of Youth” season 2. Updates have revealed that this announcement by the drama’s PD could mean that Hwayoung is now excluded from the original five cast members of the drama who lived together in one house.   Lee Tae Gon also revealed that fans may also see the introduction of a new cast member, who will serve as a replacement for Hwayoung in “Generation of Youth” season 2. The PD sounded certain about the appearance of the new cast member, but fans are still not sure about the cause of the sudden alteration.  It is reported that when Lee Tae Gon was asked whether the sudden change in the cast member of “Generation of Youth” season 2 has to do with the recent T-ara controversy, the PD replied saying the recent change was already confirmed beforehand, Koreaboo reported.  The PD continued to say that the recent change is something the staff has finished discussing ahead of time. He stated that the T-ara controversy is not something that the staff “Generation of Youth” is concerned about. Lee Tae Gon said that even if the T-ara controversy had happened before the decision was made, it would still not have been a crucial matter for them. “Generation of Youth” season 2 is scheduled to air in August.

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