G.Soul Decided To Leave JYP Entertainment And Joined Jay Park’s Agency

G.Soul Decided To Leave JYP Entertainment And Joined Jay Park's Agency

G.Soul Decided To Leave JYP Entertainment And Joined Jay Park's Agency

G.Soul’s contract with JYP Entertainment just ended and he decided to join H1GHR MUSIC. It is a label founded by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone which focuses on hip-hop music. After G.Soul’s contract with JYP Entertainment, he received many offers from various agencies, but he chose H1GHR MUSIC as his final pick because he has been friends with Jay Park for a long time, Soompi  reported. G.Soul spent many years being a trainee in JYP Entertainment and he finally made his debut in 2015. He was training for 15 years and finally had his debut for about two years before his contract ended. He hopes to create more good music on his new label which has Yultron, Avatar Darko, and Raz Simone in it.
It will be a new experience for G.Soul to have a new label because previously he only experienced being in one label for a long time. Jay Park was a former member of 2 PM and he has known G.Soul for a long time. Many fans expect to see G.Soul doing his music more because he has such an angelic voice. Even Yoo Hyeol praised G.Soul’s voice when he appeared on “Yoo Hyeol’s Sketchbook” because it was so smooth and soft to his ears, AllKpop  reported. G.Soul once had a relationship with Miss A’s Min but recently they just announced their breakup. JYP Entertainment also confirmed their breakup by saying that the two decided to break up after having six months of dating. The agency revealed that the two decided to have a sunbae-hoobae relationship and remained close to support each other, AllKpop  reported. Many fans were really happy when they heard the news of Min and G.Soul dating in November 2016. But they didn’t know the relationship would end up pretty quick with only six months of dating. Even though fans were upset, they kept on rooting for them both to have a great career ahead. Read Next: Brand New Music Will Take Legal Actions For The Malicious Comments Against Their Trainees On ‘Produce 101’

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