G-Friend’s Eunha Wanted To Look Sexy But Got Scolded By Sowon

G-Friend's Eunha Wanted To Look Sexy But Got Scolded By Sowon

G-Friend's Eunha Wanted To Look Sexy But Got Scolded By Sowon

G-Friend is a girl group consisting of six members. The image of the group has been sweet, cute and innocent. All the members portray the image really well. But recently, Eunha got scolded by showing too much of her skin, revealing her sexy figure. According to Koreaboo , when G-Friend was in a radio program, Eunha was seen to look sexy. She wanted to have a sexy pose, but Sowon scolded her for doing that. She said “Don’t do that”! to Eunha to stop her.
It might have been a bit too much of Sowon to show such reaction. But it was just because she cared for her. She wanted all members to stay with the image given, which was cute. When the image is done well, the group will be known as one unity with certain image. It will be a nice way to get many likes from the fans. Some of the fans think different as they think Eunha has been already sexy. Even though she does well to have cute side with her short bob hair, she still cannot hide her sexy side. Hearing the scolding, Eunha ended up pouting her lips. Off course, it was just a joke and she didn’t get mad for real. Meanwhile, according to Soompi , the group will make their comeback this year. The agency stated that they were preparing for the new album but there was no certain date yet. With no planned schedule yet, fans will have to wait more for their comeback. G-Friend has been doing great with the cute concept. Some of their songs got much attention and many other idols have sung their songs. For the song “Me Gustas Tu,” many other girl groups or boy groups have sung and danced it. Their biggest achievement is the total 29 wins on music shows for “Navillera” promotion. With the sweet voice of the group, their comeback will be anticipated.

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