G-Dragon, Sulli Wearing Couple Item Lead Fans To Believe They Are In Special Relationship


G-Dragon, Sulli Wearing Couple Item Lead Fans To Believe They Are In Special Relationship

  G-Dragon and Sulli’s close relationship recently has attracted people on the internet to assume that they’re in a special relationship. The suspicion started when the two idols were seen wearing the same ring. Big Bang’s G-Dragon once posted a picture of his hand wearing a heart-shaped ring with the word sex. In another time, Sulli allegedly wore the same ring in a photo she shared on Instagram. According to Allkpop , a lot of fans are pretty sure that the G-Dragon and Sulli wear the rings a couple items. The ring is not the only thing that makes people sure that G-Dragon and Sulli are in a special relationship. Previously, there was a rumor saying that the two idols were on the same plane when they’re flying to France back in January. From the selfie photos that the two idols took, the background of their selfie photos appeared to be similar.
Sulli was also seen taking a picture with a mystery man whom a lot of people thought was G-Dragon’s manager. G-Dragon and Sulli were also spotted to spend a time together in an amusement park along with Ga In and Hara back in February. While some people believed that G-Dragon and Sulli are indeed in a relationship, the rest only thought of them as best friends. Sulli recently just broke up with her two-year boyfriend, Choiza. According to Soompi , the two idols have decided to part ways to focus on their respective careers. However, Sulli’s agency, SM Entertainment, have stated that both Sulli and Choiza have agreed to maintain their relationship as colleagues for the sake of their fans. If the rumor between Sulli and G-Dragon is true, could the Big Bang member only be a rebound for Sulli? It’s very hard to conclude when there isn’t any statement from both of them. For now, let’s just assume that G-Dragon and Sulli are best friends that like sharing things and spending time together. Keep an eye for the update on G-Dragon and Sulli’s relationship.    

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