G-Dragon Spotted In Public With Kiko, Enjoying Korean BBQ

G-Dragon Spotted In Public With Kiko
G-Dragon Spotted In Public With Kiko

Group Big Bang ‘s member G-Dragon and the Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko enjoyed a meal together in Korea.

On November 25, one internet user posted on her Instagram, “I went to go eat BBQ after work but what is this gold? I saw G-Dragon and Kiko.

They look so good together.

But sadly I only got to see GD’s face twice.

I heard he comes here often so.

Goodbye, I’ll come here often too.” In the picture, Kiko’s side view and G-Dragon’s back view is shown.

They are sitting on the same table and Kiko is smiling brightly.

G-Dragon has remained silent through his scandal with Kiko.

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